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Wine regions of Hungary

The history of wine dating back to the ancient times, when Romans brought vines to Pannonia. By the 5th century there were already existing vineyards on today’s territory of Hungary. Our ancestors brought their wine making knowledge from the East. Hungarian tribes were familiar with wine-making long time before the Hungarian Conquest of the Carpathian Basin. Over the following centuries, new grape varieties were brought in from Italy and France.

In Hungary we have all together 7 big wine producing regions, which can be divided into further 22 smaller regions. Each region consists of places with similar natural features and traditions or geographically integrated or neighboring places. Join us, and learn more about these regions and fantastic selection of wines.

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February 22, 2020 - Alice
Special gift
“This Budapest trip was a gift to my parents, therefore I wasn’t there just taking part in the planning part. It was very easy to plan together with Dóra and Dalma, and at the end everything was executed as I had dreamed. It is a life lasting memory for my loved ones, they enjoyed Budapest a lot!”
December 28, 2019 - Maria
Romantic weekend in Budapest
“Dear girls, I would like to say thank you for your kind help in organizing our holiday. We spent a perfect time in Hungary, it was a real dream holiday, we couldn’t wish better to our anniversary. Lovely from the smallest detail, thanks to your care and fantasy.”
December 12, 2019 - Neo
Christmas vacation
“Really appreciate your hard work, it was a great weekend with interesting sightseeings and fantastic Christmas vibes!”
September 8, 2019 - Michelle
Wine and Budapest perfect combination
“Thank you Unique team for organizing this memorable gourmet vacation for us! All the recommendations were great, and everything went smooth. I would have never thought that the wine festival in the Castle could be the highlight of the holiday, but it was. Perfect and glamorous.”
August 23, 2019 - Kamil
Budapest we will never forget you!
“Dear Dóra, thank you for your flexibility and careful organization. Our visit in Budapest was amazing, the highlight of the weekend was that she said YES ☺!”
July 28, 2019 - Barbara
Fantastic place
“We just arrived back from our Europe trip, and we can’t stop remembering back for the best moments of the holiday. Budapest was our favourite stop, we loved it from the smallest details. Our boys would like to study in Budapest after they have seen and experience this lively city, so maybe not in the far future we will meet again!”
July 14, 2019 - Linda
A real culinary experience
“We had a wonderful time in Budapest, during our stay every detail was perfectly organized, tailored to our special requests. Gastronomy takes a really important place in my family’s life, as my husband is a chef. At one point it was a study tour as well for him and he gets a lot of inspiration from Hungarian cuisine. Thank you for make it happen!”
July 2, 2019 - Viktor
Rock’n’Roll in Budapest
“It was a delightful weekend we spent in Budapest. Although we did not have much time in this charming city, but thanks to you girls, we could visit all the culturally significant place, and we took part in many great programs. Our favourite part was the speedboat experience in the sunset, first part was romantic and after the boat crew brought the Rock and Roll out of us!! Great weekend!”
May 10, 2019 - Matilde
Beautiful city amazing programs
“Dear Unique team, thank you for the effort and energie you put in organizing our vacation. It was amazing, Budapest is truly beautiful, and all the programs were outstanding. Keep it up, many thanks!”