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Wine regions of Hungary

Written by Dalma — March 13, 2020

The history of wine dating back to the ancient times, when Romans brought vines to Pannonia. By the 5th century there were already existing vineyards on today’s territory of Hungary. Our ancestors brought their wine making knowledge from the East. Hungarian tribes were familiar with wine-making long time before the Hungarian Conquest of the Carpathian Basin. Over the following centuries, new grape varieties were brought in from Italy and France.

In Hungary we have all together 7 big wine producing regions, which can be divided into further 22 smaller regions. Each region consists of places with similar natural features and traditions or geographically integrated or neighboring places. Join us, and learn more about these regions and fantastic selection of wines.

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UNESCO World Heritage sites in Hungary

Written by Dalma — March 2, 2020

UNESCO – means United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization established in 1972.

Hungary joined to the UNESCO World Heritage Convention on 15th July 1985. Sites in Hungary were first inscribed on the list at the 11th Session of the World Heritage Comittee, held in Paris, France in 1987. At that session, two sites were added: Budapest, the Banks of the Danube with the district of Buda Castle and Hollókő

All together we have 8 sites inscribed on the list. You can read further informations in this article.

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Top Thermal Baths in Budapest

Written by Dalma — March 2, 2020

Budapest is the city of Spas, there is no other capital city in the World where you can find as many thermal springs, like in the Hungarian capital. 70% of Hungary’s territory has thermal water underneath. When you visit Hungary you shouldn’t miss out on a thermal bath experience from your holiday. Budapest has a total of nine medicinal baths today (and 123 hot springs). While the water’s mineral content is similar across the baths, each venue is unique in terms of its architecture, the number of pools and amenities. No matter what is the purpose of your visit,  pleasure, relaxation, healing or healthcare, Budapest Baths present all the facilities to meet your every need. Water temperatures usually range from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius (86 to 104 Fahrenheit).

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General information about Budapest

Written by Dalma — March 1, 2020

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, interesting - historical - beautiful- in this article you can learn the basics of the city

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10 + 1 Food you must try!

Written by Dalma — February 19, 2020

Hungarian cuisine is Continental - Central European with some Eastern European elements. Primarily based on meats, seasonal vegetables, dairy products and fresh bread. During our history we lived together with other nations such as the Turks or Austrians, therefore we have taken over the usage of numerous spices, for example the paprika which is one of the main component of the Hungarian cuisine.

Hungarian gastronomy is much more than Gulyás it is truly mouth watering, rich, colorful and unique. We collected some specialty what you shouldn’t miss out from your gastro plans while you are in Budapest.

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Written by Dalma — February 17, 2020

Hungarikums are those noteworthy values of Hungary, which characterize the Hungarians by their uniqueness, specialty and quality, and are the peak performance of the Hungarians. They represent the highest achievements of the Hungarians. We have laws layed down in the early 2000’s regulating what constitutes a Hungarikum. The main purpose to create the concept of the Hungarikums was to protect and to draw attention to these values and products. If you have trouble what kind of souvenirs should you take home with you, this article can help you to choose! Let us introduce some of the most remarkable hungarikums!

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Festivals & Events around Hungary 2020

Written by Dalma — February 11, 2020

Hungary is the country of festivals, not only famous of the large music festivals, but the gastronomic ones as well. Quality music & wine & gourmet dishes that is something what caracterize us. It doesn't matter when you visit the country we have excellent programs through all year.

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Hungarian inventions

Written by Dalma — February 7, 2020

In the 21st century there are so many things that surround us that are essential in our modern lives, and it seems so natural that we use them day by day. Hungarians played a big role in making our lives in the World easier. We had big inventors who created lasting values for the posterity. You can read about these amazing inventions in our following article.

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Unique Budapest Bucketlist

Written by Dalma — February 6, 2020

Travelling - Culture - History - Gastronomy - Health - Just a few reason to get on a flight and travel.  Unique Vibes collect 10 things what you shouldn’t miss out from your Budapest holiday!! Bucket list things to do in Budapest - unique experiences what you will never forget - Travel with Unique Vibes and prepare for the greatest journey in your life.

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Budapest Nightlife

Written by Dalma — February 5, 2020

Budapest is a lively metropolis, with many possibilities for going out. Age doesn’t matter, every generation will find the most suitable venue to spend an entertaining night in.

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History of Hungary & Budapest

Written by Dalma — January 31, 2020

If you would like to know who the Hungarians are, where they come from, and how they settled in the Carphatian basin, in this article you can read more interesting curiosity.

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