Carpe Diem Wine Bar

„Fine wine, fine food, fine people and more”

About the program

The Carpe Diem Wine Bar is one of the favourite wine scenes in the heart of the capital, voted the Best Wine Bar in 2017, 2018 and 2019 by Prestige Awards, VinCE Awards and Best of Budapest and Hungary. Probably the best place for international and local wine and wine discoveries. Their wine selection covers all the important classic wines from Europe including rarities and fine wine. Besides that - they are the best source for authentic local grape varieties/wines and for "hidden wine treasures" as well! They organise thematic tastings, blind tastings,  so-called "wine duels" and other different unique gastro events regularly. A must-visit place!


The Location
Carpe Diem Wine Bar has a downtown location close to River Danube on the Pest side of the city. The Parliament and the St. Stephen's Basilica are just a few streets away. Easy to reach with public transportation with tram, underground, and trolley bus.
1054, Budapest, Zoltán u. 9.
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Unique Tips

It doesn’t matter, if you are a wine expert or not, the staff of the Carpe Diem Wine Bar will definitely find the way to teach you about the wines in a fun way. If you like to play games and you would like to widen your knowledge in wines, Carpe Diem is your place to have an unforgettable entertaining evening.


  • – Excellent selection of international and local wines
  • – Downtown location
  • – Blind tasting
  • – Wine duel
  • – Cozy atmosphere