Caviar & Bull restaurant

„Call your family and friends and join us at Caviar&Bull for a unique atmosphere and culinary experience”

About the restaurant

If gastronomy takes an important place in your heart, and you would like to try something else than Hungarian cuisine, we would recommend you to try an extraordinary dining experience in Caviar & Bull. They offer the most outstanding mediterranean dishes in the city. Chef Martin Gauci present a unique dining concept from Malta, right here in Budapest. You can try their signature dishes, rare caviars, or degustation menus in a lively and elegant atmosphere. From June, a brand new project  opened its doors in the same place. This is the most unique dining program ever, presented in Budapest. When the passion for food and the love of travel meets, something wonderful happens… Uncensored by Caviar&Bull means a multisensory worldwide adventure – a night you'll never forget. "Flavours of the World" is hosted in a special room, surrounded with a 360o, 11k screen, on which authentic videos and music will play corresponding with the local speciality of the actual region that is served at your table.

The Location
The restaurant is located downtown in the Corinthia Hotel Budapest. It is very easy to reach with tram number 4-6, and it is close to the Oktogon where the Millenium underground stops. The Hero's Square and the West Railway station is only 10 minutes away.
1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 43-49.
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Unique Tips

It is an experience that you shouldn’t skip out on your gastro plans. Outstanding, extraordinary, interesting - if you like lively but exclusive atmosphere, this is your place to be.


  • – Degustation menu
  • – Form breaking innovations
  • – Signature dishes
  • – Rare caviars
  • – Exclusive ambient
  • – Professional service