Coffee & Tea Houses

„Coffee is much more than a drink, it creates an event, gives a place and time to talk, or immerse yourself in your thoughts”

About the program

In Hungary the coffee culture derived from the Turks, Germans and Italians, it is an interesting mixture of the three, it combines the specialties from each. The institute of coffee houses began to spread in the 18th century, and lived their heyday in the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. They were a meaningful and remarkable scene of Hungarian political and literature life, the place that gaves inspiration and where big plans were born. Fortunately some of these culturally significant coffee houses have survived to this day for our greatest joy. You have the opportunity to enjoy your afternoon tea or coffee from the World famous hand painted Herendi or Zsolnay porcelain, to try classic Hungarian cake specialties or masterpieces of the modern confectionery.

The Location
We recommand you good Cafés all around Budapest, most of them are located in the city center, and are very easy to reach on foot.
1051. Budapest, Vörösmarty tér
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Unique Tips

During your holiday, we are sure that you would like to stop at least once, to drink a refreshing cup of coffee or tea, accompanied with some tasty cake or biscuit. We can show you the historically and culinary significant cafés downtown, that are worth to visit. Don’t waste your time in an ordinary coffee house when you can enjoy your afternoon coffee or tea in the most outstanding cafés in Budapest.


  • – Traditional Hungarian sweets at the iconic 160 years old Gerbeaud Café
  • – Coffee in the most beautiful coffee house in the World, in the New York Café
  • – Herend afternoon tea at Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace
  • – Sugar-gluten-lactose free specialties served in Zsolnay porcelain at Zsolnay Café
  • – Coffee at the magnificant Passage of the Párisi udvar Pattiserie & Café