Faust Wine Cellar

„Travel back to medieval times and be our guest in the Faust Wine Cellar”

About the program

The Faust Wine Cellar is an authentic wine cellar, situated under the Hilton Hotel Budapest - in the Castle District. The whole castle area has a special cave system underneath, Hilton Budapest is outstandingly special because  part of it used to be a Dominican church before. The Hotel was built on the ruins of the church, but of course with keeping the remaining parts in their original form. You can see how Faust Wine Cellar is surrounded with history. You can feel the humidity and the smell of the noble mold, which is essential for traditional wine making. They are offering high quality Hungarian wines with scones and snacks. The Faust Wine Cellar is the most authentic place to widen your knowledge about Hungarian wines and pálinka close to downtown.

The Location
Located in the castle district, in the Hilton Hotel Budapest, very close to important sights just like the Matthias Church, Fisherman’s Bastion or the Royal Palace. Easy to reach in approximately 20 minutes, with the castle bus, from Deák Ferenc square downtown.
1014 Budapest, Hess András tér 1
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Unique Tips

You shouldn't miss this program out of your calendar, if you would love to hear the history of wine making, you like the atmosphere of a real wine cellar and you enjoy to consume good wines in a cozy place, illuminated with candles, just like in the middle ages. Faust Wine Cellar is a perfect choice if you don't have enough time to travel to the countryside to see a real wine cellar, conveniently in Budapest.

  • – Different types of wine tastings
  • – Snacks & cheese plate up on request
  • – Informative and professional guidance from the sommelier
  • – Authentic ambient
  • – High quality wines and services