Luxury Transfers

„A smooth and seamless journey is a must for a sumptuous vacation”

About the program

The Unique Vibes vacation begins with a transfer that meets your every need. We believe that after your flight landed in Budapest, the journey doesn’t end. To reach the capital city is another 20-30 minutes by car and more than 1 hour with public transportation. We would like to offer our great luxury transfer service, not only because it is the quickest option to reach downtown, but also the safest and most convenient one. We can offer a wide selection of vehicles in different categories to suit Your taste.If you have a special request we will provide you the desired vehicle whether it is an Oldtimer, Tesla or a Limousin.

Unique Tips

Let your holiday begin smoothly, use the trusted service of Unique Vibes which is definitely the most convenient and safest way to get from one point to another in the city. On the airport you can catch a taxi, but you might need to wait, it is not assured that they speak english, the vehicles are not premium category and you can’t be sure upfront how much the lift will cost. It can reach extraordinary costs, because the drivers may take advantage of tourist’s lack of knowledge about prices.


  • – Private airport transfers
  • – Chauffeured transport services
  • – Outstanding car park (Mercedes E-Class, Tesla, Buses in all size)
  • – English speaking drivers
  • – Pre-prepared water in all vehicles
  • – Porterage service
  • – special vehicles up on request