“With our respect for traditions and our progressive attitude, we have earned two Michelin stars in 2018, first in Central Eastern Europe.”

About the restaurant

Tradition and innovation, characterize the Onyx, Central Europe’s first two Michelin starred restaurant. Chef Ádám Mészáros pays special attention to use regional ingredients, and present them in his tasting menus. This commitment inspired to create the „Within our borders” tasting menu from specially selected local ingredients. For those who would prefer international flavors, they also have an amazing tasting menu „Beyond our borders”. We can rightly call Onyx - Budapest’s most outstanding and best fine dining venue. A dining experience here- is a real culinary adventure lead by Hungary's top catering experts.

The Location
The Onyx restaurant is located in the heart of Budapest at the Vörösmarty square, next by the famous 160 years old Gerbeaud Confectionery and Café.. The area is easily accessible with metro, bus , tram or with the Millenium Underground. Many important sights are just a few steps away, for example the Chain Bridge, Váci street, St. Stephen’s Basilica or the Synagogue.
1051 Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7.
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Unique Tips

If gastronomy takes an important place in your heart, we would definitely recommend you to try Budapest’s best restaurant, the two Michelin starred Onyx restaurant. Try their 6 course tasting menu with wine pairing for a real culinary experience.

  • – 2 Michelin stars
  • – Only tasting menus
  • – Quality local ingredients
  • – Exceptional service
  • – Gourmet dishes
  • – Innovative cooking methods
  • – Excellent Wines
  • – Downtown location