Rudas Thermal Bath

„Water is vital for the body, for the soul, and it's the basic component of our existence”

About the program

Budapest is the city of Spas, there is no other capital city in the World where you can find this many thermal springs, like in the Hungarian capital. 70% of Hungary’s territory has thermal water underneath. The Rudas Thermal Spa is one of the most outstanding Baths in Budapest. In the centerpiece of the Spa there is a 16th century Turkish bath, which was built during the period of the Turkish occupation. Beside the Turkish octogonal pool, there is a swimming pool operating for therapeutic uses, and many other pools and different types of saunas. There is also a drinking hall where you can drink thermal water, that has many benefits like aiding in stomach issues and even hangovers. As part  of the new wellness section there is a unique panorama hot tub on top of the building from where you can enjoy the view of the beautiful city.

The Location
Rudas Thermal Bath is situated on the Buda side of the River Danube, right on the river bank, very close to downtown. Easy to reach with tram or bus.
1013 Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9.
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Unique Tips

When you visit Hungary you shouldn’t miss out a thermal bath experience from your holiday. No matter what is the purpose of your visit,  pleasure, relaxation, healing or healthcare, Rudas Thermal Bath presents all the facilities, from the historical Turkish Spa till the modern rooftop hot tub, to meet every need.

  • – Authentic Turkish thermal bath
  • – Swimming pool
  • – Tub bath (with curative water)
  • – Underwater water jet massage (upon medical prescription)
  • – Medical massage
  • – Sauna
  • – Steam bath
  • – Drink diets
  • – Special treatments