St. Andrea Restaurant

„Life is too short to drink bad wine”

About the restaurant

St. Andrea Restaurant offers an outstanding dining experience in a comfortable, warm, but also elegant environment. Hungarian gastronomy is World famous, just like the wine culture, it is part of our history. In Budapest there are many good places where you can enjoy flavours, colours, textures, but there is no other place which brings you emotions, energies, moods and the outstanding service like St. Andrea Restaurant does.    St. Andrea is a well known wine brand in Hungary their vineyard belongs to the Eger wine region. The idea to open the restaurant was to mediate all the values that Dr György Lőrincz the founder of the vinery and his family represents to the Hungarian people. Their passion brings them just a step from the Michelin star. The restaurant wine list features specific wine and champagne items that are only available in the bar. They are offering a fantastic 4 or 6 course gourmet dinner with wine pairing, lining up both Hungarian and International flavours.


The Location
St. Andrea Restaurant has a prominent location downtown. Very close to the West Railway Station and the Westend City Center which is the largest shopping mall in Budapest. The Eiffel Palace gives home to the restaurant, and the patinant building perfectly elevates the restaurant. The building itself was reconstructed in the past few years and by now it has become the prettiest building in the area. Public transportation is very good, tram, metro, train and bus stops are nearby.
1055 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 78.
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Unique Tips

This is the perfect choice for a romantic, relaxed gourmet dinner, if you enjoy the elegance of the 19th’s century patina as much as we do. You will be treated with special care during your dinner, and you will have the opportunity to try unique wines which are not available anywhere else. Accept our advice and try the 6 course gourmet dinner with wine pairing for a real culinary experience.


  • – Gourmet dining experience
  • – Exclusive atmosphere
  • – Unique wine selection
  • – Outstanding service
  • – Hungarian flavours
  • – Unforgettable
  • – Private rooms
  • – Adults only