Taste Hungary

„Explore the foodways, wine and history that makes Hungary’s culinary culture so unique”

About the program

Taste Hungary is the most professional wine tasting place in Budapest. They are offering the essence selection of Hungarian wines from all wine regions, together with culinary walks, wine tastings, vine tours for the interested audience. You can join, one of the fix wine tasting programs starting from 3pm or 6pm every day, which is a great opportunity to meet with other wine lovers from different countries. These tastings are always hilarious, and at the end, nobody stays thirsty for sure. If you prefer a private wine tasting course, that is also available, professional sommeliers will support you to widen your knowledge in grapes, history and terroirs according to your preferences. Every wine tasting package includes fantastic artisan cheese and charcuterie plate.

The Location
They have many walking tours around the city, or even around the country just like in Eger, Villány, Tokaj. The wine bar in Budapest is located a few minutes from the Deák Ferenc square, which is the greatest public transport hub downtown.
1088 Budapest, Bródy Sándor u. 9.
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Unique Tips

If you would like to be educated about the Hungarian and European wine and food culture from the best experts in Budapest, take a seat at Taste Hungary’s table in this cozy ambient. Excellent wines, and unforgettable experiences will enrich your memories, about your Budapest holiday.


  • – Best wine tasting company in Budapest
  • – Private tours and events
  • – Artisan cheese and charcuterie board
  • – Professional sommeliere
  • – Private or custom tastings
  • – Cozy ambiente
  • – Jevish Cuisine & Culture Walk