The Unique Szentendre Tour

About the program

Whenever you are in Budapest you should know that a bit north from the downtown exist a little magical town called Szentendre. It is a premier destination of Hungary’s countryside, the town of artists, painters, churches, art galleries, narrow streets and alleys. Szentendre is the mediterranean pearl of the Danube. It is a perfect half day program with nice walks on its cobblestoned lanes, great opportunity to try local dishes in the riverside restaurants, just like the „lángos” which is a traditional summer food for the locals, a fried bread with garlic, sour cream and cheese on the top. Travel with speedboat is the most convenient way to reach the city, it takes only 30 minutes, which route couldn't be more pleasant with a glass of champagne in your hand on a luxury boat.

The Location
Szentendre situated a bit north from our capital city Budapest. It is a little artistic town lies on the river bank. It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach by boat, around 50 minutes to reach it by car, and 1,5 hours with the public transportation. This town is the closest settlement to Budapest, where you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the Hungarian countryside.
2000 Szentendre
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Unique Tips

If you like active holidays, and you would like to see as much as possible during the few days what you spend in Hungary, we would recommend to join our unforgettable Szentendre tour. This beautiful little town, holds many interesting thing, it is the perfect complement to your stay in Budapest. Unadulterated rural atmosphere, local flavours and a fantastic river cruise is a guarantee that you will love this program.

  • – Luxury speedboat transfer with a glass of champagne
  • – Personal assistance - tour guide
  • – 1 hour freetime
  • – Lunch - Lángos with wine spritzer
  • – Mediterranean perl close to the capital city
  • – art town (painters,churches, art galleries)