Uncensored Restaurant

" Taste the World Uncensored"

About the restaurant

UNCENSORED Restaurant is a concept created by Marvin Gauci, Chef Ambassador and multi-award-winning restaurateur. This time he invites us to a unique chef’s journey experience where we can taste the atmosphere and flavors of multiple countries every 20 minutes in one single night. Starting from the indigenous country of Hungary through Europe all the way to Russia, Asia, and even as far as South America.

Uncensored is an exclusive 10 table restaurant where guests are surrounded by 360-degree audio-visual three-dimensional video mapping and authentic music that connects you to the very own native roots of the showcased countries.

The night offers an original gastronomic concept entering through several secret doors, a speakeasy sensation that takes you through the unique journey of taste the world Uncensored.

The Location
The restaurant is located downtown in the Corinthia Hotel Budapest. It is very easy to reach with tram number 4-6, and it is close to the Oktogon where the Millenium underground stops. The Hero's Square and the West Railway station is only 10 minutes away.
1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 43-49.
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Unique Tips

 It is an experience that you shouldn’t skip out on your gastro plans. Extraordinary form breaking dishes from around the World - a unique journey in a secret place.

  • – Unique Chef's journey with Chef Ambassador Marvin Gauci
  • – Secret place, the one and only with this thematic in Hungary
  • – Exclusive and truly unique ambient
  • – Whole night tasing show
  • – 360 degree audio visual
  • – Flavours of the World on the plates accompanied with authentic music