Budapest - Bucket list TOP 10
There are a lot of good reasons to get on a flight and travel. We are all different from each other, and everybody has their own reasons, but we can all agree on that we are passionate about getting new experiences. Be it gastronomy, history, health, culture, sport or something unique — we collected 10 things, that you should try when you travel to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary.

1. The„Signature” Buda tour

Budapest is divided into two parts by the River Danube, to the Buda and to the Pest side. Unique Vibes would like to show you the Buda side through the ”signature Buda tour” as you would never expect it. During the tour we are going to visit the Adam Clark square, one of the most interesting squares of the Buda side. You can find here the Zero km stone, the Funicular, the Chain Bridge and the Caste Hill Tunnel. Up on the hill, you will see the Royal Palace, the Matthias Church, the Fisherman's Bastion and many other important sights. After the castle district, we will continue our tour to the Gellért hill, where you can see the Liberation Monument, the Citadel, and let’s not forget to mention, that, you can enjoy the best panorama of the city from here. We will spice up the program, with a river cruise, a sky bar experience and a ride with Europe's second oldest Funicular. Our sightseeing will end with a lunch in a restaurant, according to your preferences.

2. Sunset from the Dunarama water limousine

Budapest is beautiful, but the best time to see it is at sunset, when the sun falls behind the Buda hills and the lights of the city turn on. There is nothing to compare the experience with, to see the illuminated city from the prettiest wooden boat on the River Danube.

The Dunarama water limousines have the same style as the unique wooden speed boats in Venice. The interior design reflects classic elegance with a combination of leather and wooden furnitures.

During the river cruise you will see the most iconic buildings of Budapest, just like the House of Parliament, the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle or the Citadel.

While rocking on the Danube your guide will help you to learn more about the city and this beautiful World Heritage scene.

In the first part of the tour you have time to take photos, enjoy a nice glass of Hungarian champagne with a unique selection of ham and cheese bites.

In the second part the Dunarama crew will entertain You with a real speedboat experience.

3. Thermal Spa experience

Budapest is the city of Spas, there is no other capital city in the World where you can find this many thermal springs, like in the Hungarian capital. 70% of Hungary's territory has thermal water underneath. This hidden treasure was used by the Celts, the Romans and by the Turks as well thousands of years ago, and nowadays this is one of the main pillars of the Hungarian tourism. Many of the thermal baths in Budapest are centuries old, mostly the Turkish ones, the Király and the Rácz. Depending on your special interest we can recommend which one suits the best for your needs. No matter what is the purpose of your visit, may it be just for pleasure, relaxation or healing, recovery, healthcare, aqua therapy, the bathing culture of Hungary will surely enchant you.

4. Cocktail at one of the Sky Bars in Budapest

In the past years more and more rooftop bars have opened in the downtown, for the greatest pleasure of the locals and tourists as well. Unique Vibes collected the top 3 sky bars in town for you. They have an excellent selection of premium spirits and wines, they offer classic bar snacks and culinary specialties. Budapest is a World Heritage sceen, and nothing can compare with the view of this magnificent city. No matter if it’s daylight, sunset or night, this will be the picture in your mind that you will never forget. If you plan your holiday to Budapest you shouldn't miss this program from your itinerary.

5. Wine tasting

Wine is one of the major characteristic of Hungarian culture. There are 22 wine regions in the country, all with its own specialties, regarding the location, size, grape types, wine making procedures. During your few days holiday, you might not have enough time to visit a vineyard, but Budapest's top vine tasting bars can bring the most remarkable vines of Hungary to you. If you’d like to try Hungarian specialties in a cozy wine bar, we will help you to find the perfect place, which suits your taste the best. A gorgeous selection of Hungarian wines are waiting for you. You can join one of the scheduled wine tasting courses, starting every day from 3pm. or from 6pm., but we can arrange private tastings as well, taking your special interests into account. If time is not a pressing matter, there is also opportunity to visit your prefered wine region as a whole day program.

6. Gourmet dinner at St. Andrea Restaurant

Hungarian gastronomy is World famous, just like the wine culture, it is part of our history. In Budapest there are many good places where you can enjoy flavours, colours, textures, but there is no other place which brings you emotions, energies, moods and the outstanding service like St. Andrea Gourmet & Wine Bar do. St Andrea is a well known wine brand in Hungary, their vineyard is located in the Eger wine region. The idea to open the restaurant was to mediate all the values what Dr György Lőrincz, the founder of the vinery and his family represents to Budapest's citizens. Their passion elevates them just a step from the Michelin star. The restaurant wine list features specific wine and champagne items that are only available in the bar. They are offering a fantastic 4 or 6 course gourmet dinner with wine pairing lined up with Hungarian and International flavours.

7. Iconic buildings of Pest tour

When you are visiting Budapest most probably you are interested in the buildings that you can see in the brossures, just like the Houses of Parliament, the Heroes' Square or the St Stephen Basilica. During our tour we are going to show you all the iconic buildings and the hidden treasures as well on the Pest side. Let us take you for a coffee and a delicious cake in one of the famous coffee houses of the city. Try the first metro line in the European Continent which is part of the Unesco World Heritage just as many other beauties in the city. Take a walk along the river bank to see the touching memory of the second World War. This program is unmissable, but also amazing at night as well. We offer you the opportunity do join us for a night walk to see the whole city when it is illuminated. After the sightseeing we provide a transfer to your desired restaurant, where ever you would like to have your lunch or dinner.

8. Dinner at Pannonia Gastro Boat

Enjoy the beautiful panorama of Budapest on the deck of the best gastro ship in town. Spend an unforgettable 2,5 hours, try the amazing 6 course dinner, while the boat is slightly rocking on the River Danube.

Pannonia Gastro ship combines the elegance of the last century with modern-day expectations. Admire the illuminated city while enjoying perfect dishes with perfect wine pairing, the proper atmosphere is guaranteed. On the River Danube you will be surrounded with the most iconic buildings of Budapest, just like the Houses of Parliament, the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle or the Citadel.

In the ship's kitchen a real culinary art is guaranteed by the Head of Chef: László Ruprecht is the masterchef who has placed traditional food into a modern gown.

9. Visit Szentendre

Whenever you are in Budapest you should know that a bit north from the downtown exist a little magical town called Szentendre. It is a premier destination of Hungary's countryside, the town of artists, painters, churches, art galleries, narrow streets and alleys. Szentendre is the mediterranean pearl of the Danube. It is a perfect half day program with nice walks on its cobblestoned lanes, great opportunity to try local dishes in the riverside restaurants, just like the „lángos” which is a traditional summer food for the locals, a fried bread with garlic, sour cream and cheese on the top. Speedboating is the most convenient way to reach the city, it takes only 30 minutes. This route is made even more pleasant with a glass of champagne in your hand on a luxury boat.

10. Dinner at Caviar & Bull

If gastronomy takes important place in your heart, and you would like to try something else than Hungarian cuisine, we would recommend you to try an extraordinary dining experience in Caviar & Bull. The restaurant located downtown in the Corinthia Hotel Budapest. They offer the most outstanding mediterranean dishes in the city. Chef Martin Gauci presents a unique dining concept from Malta, here in Budapest as well. You can try their signature dishes, rare caviars, or degustation menus in a lively elegant atmosphere. It is an experience that you shouldn't miss out from your gastro plans. From June an absolutely new project will open their doors in the same place. It is the most unique dining program ever, presented in Budapest. Flavours of the World in a special room, surrounded with a 360o 11k screen, on which authentic videos and music will play corresponding with the local speciality of the actual region that is served at your table.